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环境污染作文英汉对照 环境污染作文英汉对照【1】 Individualshavenothingtod



  Individuals have nothing to do to improve the environment. The government and large companies can do to improve the environment. Do you agree or disagree?

  It is an undeniable fact that in recent years, environmental pollution, which becomes increasingly serious, has aroused the shared concern of countries around the world. A group of people hold the viewpoint that the government and big companies, rather than individuals, should be mainly responsible for the improvement of the environment. Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that the government, large companies, as well as individuals should actively shoulder the responsibility of beautifying the environment. In this essay, I will demonstrate my point of view from the following aspects.

  Firstly, it is the responsibility of the government, representative of the people, to spare no efforts to ameliorate the environment. To be more specific, the government should stage some relevant laws and regulations to severely punish factories which produce a great number of pollutants and those who litter or spit deliberately. Furthermore, large sums of money should be invested in the improvement of the environment, such as the treatment of waste water, trash recycling and so on.

  In addition, large companies, on the other hand, should establish the self-consciousness to minimize the possibility of creating pollutants, which may not only be beneficial to the whole country but also to the companies themselves. As an illustration, some transnational corporations are striving to explore some newly-burgeonedindustries of high-tech content, high additional value and low energy consumption, taking the place of some high contaminative industries.

 Last but not least, it is the top priority of individuals to improve their living space. There is a popular saying which goes like this: “It is everyone's obligation to protect the environment.” Most importantly, we should strengthen the consciousness of environmental protection, not only strictly being self-disciplined but also supervising people around. So to speak, it is unreasonable to claim that individuals have nothing to do with environmental protection.

  From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw the conclusion that the government, big companies and individuals should make their due contribution to salvage the deteriorating environment.







  In recent years, we can clearly feel the environment around us is more and moreobvious pollution, environmental safety problems have been

 very serious. Because of our previous policy is heavy economic development, light environmental protection,resulting in environmental pollution, ecological damage is very serious, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  In the atmosphere of security, since the middle of the twentieth Century, industry andthe rapid development of transportation, causing air pollution is increasing. Air pollutionis harmful to human health, but also affect the growth of plants and animals,destruction of building materials, serious when can alter the earth's climate. According to the survey, China each year from air pollution and economic losses amounted to about 100000000000 yuan.

  In the water security, water pollution in China is very serious, widespread around thedrinking water safety problems, a direct threat to human and animal survival. In recent years, although the investment fund management a lot of Huaihe and other waters, but the effect is not obvious, the overall situation is still deteriorating.

  In a biological safety, the invasion of alien species mass, a serious threat to thebiological diversity of china. In fact, the blind introduction of foreign species, damage the environment balance, serious and even lead to disastrous consequences. At the same time, because of the destruction of the ecological environment and wildlifehunting, biological extinction rate is rapidly increasing.

  In the security of land, the land desertification and soil erosion is very serious. In addition, the cultivated land quality in China decreased very rapidly, at the same time,because of the serious land pollution phenomenon caused by excessive use ofpesticides, is directly related to food safety problem of residents in our country. China is a developing country, in the face of environmental pollution pressure not only fromChina itself, and applied pressure from some developed countries

 abroad. Therefore the development of economy and environment is a need for us to issue long face, and it also need to rely on the participation of each and every one of us.


  在大气安全方面,20 世纪中叶以来,工业和交通运输迅速发展,造成了大气污染的日益加重。大气污染既危害人体健康,又影响动植物的生长,破坏建筑材料,严重时会改变地球的气候。据调查显示,我国每年因大气污染造成的经济损失高达 1000 多亿元。






  As we all know, pollution is harmful to living beings. There are many different types of pollutions in this world. For instance, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and so on. Water pollution cause many kinds of disease that have negative effects on human beings, sometimes the diseases will take people’s life away. Dirty air will

 increase the rate of getting lung cancer. While the noise pollution will cause insomnia. People’s health condition will be damaged.

  In my humble opinion, people should take measures to control the pollution. Recently, not only the government, but also individual has taken part in the action of protecting the environment. This is a good sign. Rivers are being cleaned, air is purified, and the people come to realize that the importance of protecting the environment.

  However, this is not enough, the problems are still exist. Not all of them have been solved. Some factories are still pouring dirty water into the rivers or give off the toxic gas into the sky. We should know that protecting the environment needs everybody’s effort.





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